Friday, May 11, 2012

HTC One X Review

So I haven't posted in months, sorry.  Graduating and finding a job isn't fun.  I'l try and post every day. On to the article.

AT&T's version of the HTC One X is full of problems.  It's also the best Android phone I've used.  The 4.7'' S-LCD 720p is a bit too large for my medium sized mitts to handle one-handed, but the display is gorgeous and is matched only by the iPhone 4s in my opinion.  It's clarity and read-ablitiy, even in direct sunlight, is simply outstanding, although HTC's auto-brightness is a bit too bright. The form factor is a simple grand slam.  The polycarbonate unibody phone is exceptionally thin and light and while the Droid RAZR is thinner, the One X feels great in hand. The camera's picture quality isn't top notch; it doesn't quite reach the level of the Xperia Ion, but the lightening fast speed almost matches it.

The One X takes forever to charge, yet the 1800 mAh battery last me throughout the day with an impressive amount of screen-on time.  The storage capacity leaves something to be desired.  The phone only has 16GB on internal storage, of which 12.1 GB is available (2.2GB for apps and 9.9 GB for phone storage according to my HOX).  But it comes with some free dropbox space and combined with services such as Google's Play Music, Pandora, TinyShark, and Spotify. I don't see myself filling it anytime soon.

One thing that does completely suck is the multi-tasking abilites of the of the phone.  They're non-existent.  If I go to the home screen from the stock browser and then back to the browser, it reload's the page.  No caching here despite the 1GB RAM. This doesn't bother me but this could be a real deal breaker to some.

Did I mention that I'm about to be on my 3rd One X?  The first one had a 'dead zone' right in the middle of the screen that extend from edge to edge.  I couldn't dial the 1, 2, or 3 keys on the dialer.  This also left me high and dry for typing in my standard security pin.  Something I got past for a day with the face recognition unlock. After using my 2nd HOX for 2 hours, I discovered that any call I made had to be done over speakerphone.  That was because I couldn't hear anyone unless it was on the back speaker.  Restarts and factory resets didn't fix either issue.

HTC put together and amazing, yet flaw device.  The form factor, combined with the internals it has, would be a flagship for any company.  The flaws of the device are not small either.  My hardware issues are not the only ones. So I guess the question is would I recommend this phone? Absolutely yes.

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  1. i think HTC better than samsubgs and iphones