Friday, May 11, 2012

5 NFL Draft Winners

Green Bay Packers: Of course I'm going to list them as winners.  They address a huge need at OLB, DL, S, CB and bolster their OL with a solid developmental pick in Datko.  Did the reach on a couple picks? Maybe.  But Ted Thompson seems to know what he's doing.  

Pittsburgh Steelers: They addressed their terrible offensive line with their first two picks and then helped their depth in the front 7 on D with the next two.  Add in some potential role player on offense in the late rounds and you have the mixture for a great draft.  

Buffalo Bills: Don't look now but the Bills are building a formidable defense.  Adding what I think was the best CB in the draft and a solid OLB prospect in Bradham where great moves, as was helping Fitzpatrick with O-linemen and and WR weapon.  

New England Patriots: Did they reach for players? Yes, maybe, Probably.  Did they get players that Belichek will turn into studs on defense? Yes.  Look out for the Brady bunch this season.  They might be able to stop someone.  

San Francisco 49ers: What do you do when you're defense is great and offense pedestrian? Add playmaking ability to the offense.  Randy Moss wasn't a draft pick but will help Alex Smith, as will A.J. Jenkins, even if no one thought he was a first rounder.  James is a play maker that can lineup in the backfield as well as split out.  Match these guys with Vernon Davis, one of the best TEs in the NFL, and Michael Crabtree, who hasn't preformed as well as some thought, and you have a dangerous offense.  Provided Alex Smith can get the job done.