Monday, March 21, 2011

5 minute reviews: 3DS, iPad 2, Moto Atrix

So my local best buy had a nintendo 3DS available to play with. It was cool...for 5 minutes. The system has to be held up to your face to see the effect correctly. And after 5 minutes it started hurting my eyes. However, when I first got the right viewing angle, all I could think was, this is cool. Would I buy it? Not if I had a DS already, because I'd honestly play it with the effect off. Although, of they had a better game that some lame plane game in it...

iPad 2: cool. Same as the first one. Best tablet I've played with. Again, no need to upgrade if you have the original.

Moto Atrix: amazingly fast Android experience. Wish I had more disposable income to buy one to play with it. Feels solid, but a bit cheap due to being plastic. Come on Moto, brushes aluminum for flagship phones. Almost makes me want to switch from iOS.


  1. I have a DSi, and I am definately getting the 3DS soon

  2. Cheers for heads up, my younger brother was wanting one for his birthday i defiantly getting him the 3ds

  3. I'm getting the 3DS soon.

    The iPad is actually much improved from the previous. Dual core, thinner, better camera, bigger screen. It's just... more awesome. I want one.

  4. I hope I can get an iPad II soon :(