Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More March Madness...madness

Ok so I'm not doing totally terrible in my bracket.  Actually, I think I am, but according to ESPN, I'm doing better than 99.1% of the 6,000,000 brackets filled out on their site.  Here's the first post, picking the Elite 8 from the Sweet 16. 

Sweet 16

Ohio State v Kentucky

I like Kentucky, I really do.  However, Ohio State is just dominating.  A lot of people thought they would beat George Mason, but not dismantle them the way they did.  I think Ohio State gets it done here.

Marquette v. UNC
I want to pick the upset, but I can't. UNC is going to be ready to play.  They have the better athletes, and that actually means something now. 

Duke v Arizona
I don't think Duke would win if Coach K wasn't their coach.  It will be close early and often, with Duke slipping behind b around 8, before they pull it together in the 2nd half to take the victory.

UConn v SDSU
San Diego State plays amazing basketball. Until I started typing, I thought I was going to pick them over Uconn.  It's going to be the Kemba Walker show.  He's had some good rest and will be ready light it up Thursday.

Kansas v Richmond
No offense to Richmond but, Kansas all the way.

VCU vs. Florida State
I'm not going to lie, I haven't seen a VCU game. But if Florida State can preform anywhere near the level they did on offense against Notre Dame, they are going to be a tough team to beat. 

Butler v Wisconsin
Butler is my pick here.  They have some serious momentum after a close game with ODU, and knocking off Pitt.  They feel like they can topple giants right now.  Hard to see them have a let down.

BYU v Florida
Jimmer, baby! Even with BYU losing one of their top players, they've played well, certainly beyond my expectations.  I don't think Florida is going to be ready for the intensity of the game, no matter what Billy Donovan says to them in the locker room before it.

So there you have it, my picks for the sweet 16.  Here's are the elite 8 machups according to me.  Let's all laugh on Saturday when I'm totally wrong. 

Ohio State v UNC
UCONN v Duke
Kansas v Florida State
BYU v Butler


  1. My bracket is perfect so far! W000. Following

  2. this is madness.. no this is OHIO STATE!

  3. lmao i agree with all of these.

  4. I don't think anybody expected BYU to do well.

  5. Yea Emo, I had them out last round.

  6. I was so disappointed in Louisville. Ugh.